Rental Sourcing

Let us relieve the burden of finding a property to lease.

Are you time poor? Are you running out of time to find a rental? Are you worried you won’t get your application in on time, or be last in a long queue?

Finding a rental is time-consuming, they are in demand and stock of rentals are low in most areas.

You have to be in early and get that application off as soon as possible. I doubt if agents do reference checks on all applicants, for them it is also time-consuming. If a couple or individual tick the boxes, their job is done, why would they look further, time is money in all occupations.

Let JMAC take the hassle out of running around aimlessly looking for a rental. All we need is a brief, a budget and all your worries are over.

As advocates we have relationships with a network of agents, this allows us access to properties outside inspection times. Your chance of acceptance is also increased as we pre-qualify our clients.

We can look at more properties in one day while you are at work, or taking care of the kids. Our efficiencies of scale also make placement advantageous due to our network of agents.

We will give you feedback as to the property most appropriate to your brief. If you like we can video the property so you get the complete picture. It is up to you then, whether you inspect or not. However, the most important piece of paper will be in the hands of the Real Estate Agent; “the application form”. You will be front and centre when references are checked. It may take a few applications before you are selected.

There is no rhyme nor reason as to who is chosen if all fit the criteria of the Estate Agent. However with our pre – screening we believe you have an edge.

Price is dependant as to how long it takes to get you into a property. Some people have time on their hands, that doesn’t mean they get charged more, it is purely the amount of time we take to satisfy your needs.

Prices start from $500

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