JMAC - Melbourne's Premiere Vendor Advocates


JMAC offers Melbourne’s premiere Vendor Advocacy service. We’ll take full responsibility for the sale of your property from start to finish, starting with the appointment of a real estate agent.

Enjoy the peace of mind as you avoid the huge time commitment and pressure related to selling your house.

We’ll conduct a thorough market analysis to value your property and blueprint an approach in order to position it for success in the market.

Although JMAC is a fully licenced real estate agent, our recommendations for a suitable real estate agent are unbiased and independent. We’ll give you multiple options, and the reasons why each choice would be of benefit. The decision as to which real estate agent to use will then be yours.

There are many benefits to using a vendor advocate to act as acts as an intermediary between you and a real estate agent.

One obvious benefit is to save you time. Selling a property can be time intensive. However, we’ll do all the legwork for you as well as help you through any decision making relating to the sale.

Our vast experience and unbiased advice will help relieve stress as we present options that you may not have otherwise considered.

One of the first things we’ll do is sit down with you and take the time to understand your goals and requirements. We’ll then design a selling process accordingly.

We’ll consider the option of selling your property by Auction. However, we won’t suggest you Auction unless it makes sense. The default process for most real estate agents is to auction without considering alternatives. We ask the question – does the decision to automatically auction benefit the vendor or real estate agent?

This is an example of how we can increase your profit. By using JMac Vendor Advocacy, you can avoid the bias towards the auction process. We’ll consider your different option on their merit and present our recommendations without bias.

We’d love to discuss your property sale in more detail. Please book a no-obligation meeting with us at your convenience.