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Why You Should Use A Buyers Advocate When Buying An Apartment In Melbourne

By Jim Mcdonald | November 23, 2016

A recent forecast from Morgan Stanley predicts that there will be an oversupply of apartments in Melbourne by 2018. Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane have been driving the surge in unit construction. The concentrated nature of the boom also raises concerns that in some inner city areas there are more units being built than will be…

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Why Use A Buyers Advocate?

By Jim Mcdonald | August 31, 2016

I often get asked what does a buyer advocate do. The simple answer is that buyers advocates source properties for clients. These properties could be ‘to live in’ properties or for investment properties. We source houses, townhouses, units and apartments. JMAC’s expertise in the Melbourne residential property market. Our clients might be local who are…

June 2016 Real Estate Growth Suburbs – Camberwell, Prahran and Richmond

By Jim Mcdonald | August 26, 2016

There has been solid growth in the Melbourne real estate market in the June quarter, defying a slow economy and a moderating national real estate market. The median house price increased 3.6% which brings it to a record high $725,000, the largest  property price growth since September 2015. The biggest growing suburbs being Camberwell, Prahran…

JMAC Tips: Profit Is Made When Buying, Not Selling

By Jim Mcdonald | June 28, 2016

It’s a lot easier to buy a property at below market price than it is sell a property at above market price. It’s also possible to identify properties that are likely to increase in value at a higher rate than the average. JMAC knows how long a property has been on the market, or if  a…

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3 Signs A Suburb Is About to Surge In Value

By Jim Mcdonald | June 27, 2016

When buying property in Melbourne, focus on these three sets of data to target suburbs that are likely to increase in value quickly: Average “days on market” is dropping. More properties are being auctioned. Rising yields and rental returns. Statistical information is the secret weapon for Melbourne’s property buyers.  JMAC has access to statistics and data that is…

JMAC Tips: Use Data To Make Decisions

By Jim Mcdonald | June 27, 2016

All growth suburbs have peaks and troughs.  Find a way of accessing data that others don’t have in order to make your decisions and gain an advantage. Look for the following when identifying ‘hot’ suburbs to buy into: Average “days on market” is dropping. More properties are being auctioned. Rising yields and rental returns. Here’s…

Melbourne Property median prices

Top 25 Melbourne Median House Prices Revealed

By Jim Mcdonald | June 27, 2016

South Yarra tops the list of median prices of houses, townhouses and units, for May. The chart above shows us the top fifty Nationally and in Victoria. Note that they are specifically related to bedrooms and type of dwelling. This kind of information is invaluable when buying an investment property or a place to live. It’s…