Buyers Advocacy

Emotion is a powerful and understandable force when purchasing a property.

However, it shouldn’t be the only force. JMAC Buyers Advocacy will help you focus your attention on additional practical factors including rental returns, and the potential for higher capital growth.

We use experience, analysis, and negotiation to secure the best property that your budget will allow.

JAMC will save you time. There’s no need for you to pound the pavement. We’ll do that for you. And our unique relationship with most real estate agents means that we can inspect properties efficiently.

Our experience and access to exclusive historical data will remove the guess work in calculating a suitable offer price for a property. This relieves stress and worry. You’ll know when it is appropriate to start bidding, and

You’ll know when it is appropriate to start bidding, and when it is appropriate to stop bidding.

An investment in a Buyers Advocate will save you money and time. In most cases, a lower purchase price will cover the fees.

However, in the longer term, a clever property purchase will see a spectacular return on investment. Remember that the big property capital gains occur because of a clever property purchase.

We’ll help you identify the flyers from the plodders.

Increasingly, properties are being sold by private sale. Negotiating skills and ‘buyer positioning’ are therefore becoming more relevant by the day. A good negotiator will increase your profits.

Talk to us and discover exactly how we can help you purchase your ideal property.

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