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Our Strategies Will Maximise Your Sell Price:

  • Auction vs Private Sale?
  • Choose An Agent That Matches Your Property.
  • Marketing Advice - Avoid Overspend.
  • Save Time & Worry Less.
  • Work With Somone You Can Trust.

JMAC is a fully licensed real estate agent, specialising in the sale of property in the Melbourne property market.

JMAC is a great choice for property vendors who have reservations about using the big ‘high street’ real estate agents when selling their property.

We won’t outsource any work relating to the sale of your property.

It all comes down to trust. And more and more people are questioning the behaviour of some of the bigger real estate agents in Melbourne.

In many ways, these guys are victims of their own success. The Melbourne property boom has seen real estate agents making money hand over fist.

As a never ending queue of new customers lines up at the office door, real estate agents can afford to stick to processes that suit them rather than the seller.

Take the Auction process for example. This is a fantastic business process for the Real Estate Agent as the seller has to commit to the sale early, and the whole process is over and done within a 6 week period -“Line them up, Knock them over”.

If the odd seller creates waves and tries to disrupt this money making process the real estate agent need not worry. The next person in the queue will soon fill the void.

However, this process is not necessarily good for the seller. Seller’s are wise to consider alternatives.

For many people, an auction, with a 6-week open period is an appropriate way to sell a property. For others it’s not.

Here are 5 benefits to using JMAC rather than a bigger high street real estate agent:

  • Benefit 1 – Avoid The Bias Towards Auctions
  • Benefit 2 – Test The Market Before Deciding To Sell
  • Benefit 3 – Save Yourself Time & Stress
  • Benefit 4 – Flexible Selling Process & Commissions
  • Benefit 5 – More Money In Your Bank Account

Part of the profit increase you’ll enjoy will come from a reduction in the costs associated with selling your property. In particular, we will ensure your marketing expenses are minimised so that you are only paying for marketing that will be effective. You’ll also find that in most cases, our flexible

The first step in the process is for us to understand your unique set of circumstances and to design a selling process accordingly.

Book a ‘no obligation’ meeting now and we’ll discuss show you exactly how we’ll maximise your profit when selling your property.

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