Emotion is a powerful and understandable force when purchasing a property.

However, a good buyers advocate will help you focus attention on more practical factors including rental returns, and the potential for higher capital growth.

We'll not only save you time, using experience and analytics we'll answer critical questions like "How Much Is Too Much?"......

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Testimonial: Janet Compton

We Specialise in Buying & Selling High-End Bayside Apartments & Flats

We have great experience in helping you purchase or sell high-end apartments and flats in the bayside suburbs of Melbourne including Port Melbourne, St Kilda, Sandringham & Black Rock.

Property sellers are increasingly asking if processes and costs associated with real estate agents are beneficial and worth the investment.

For example, a real estate agents’ preferred method of selling is by Auction, and it’s easy to see why. The vendor is committed to the sale early...

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How We Help You:


Pinpoint the best available property with access to exclusive historic data.


Identify the important from the less important. Make good decisions quickly.


Negotiate from a position of knowledge. Purchase the best possible property.


Enjoy an increased Return On Investment. Sell at maximum value.


Member of R.E.I.V