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3 Signs A Suburb Is About to Surge In Value

Melbourne Property median prices

When buying property in Melbourne, focus on these three sets of data to target suburbs that are likely to increase in value quickly:

  1. Average “days on market” is dropping.
  2. More properties are being auctioned.
  3. Rising yields and rental returns.

Statistical information is the secret weapon for Melbourne’s property buyers. 

JMAC has access to statistics and data that is exclusive to real estate agents. We use this data to ensure our clients are in a position of strength. If the buying process involves any form of negotiation, these statistical facts are especially useful.

When identifying suburbs and properties that you’d like to purchase, make sure you have access to accurate and well researched data. A good knowledge base of analytics is imperative.

At JMAC we have access to comparable sales in any suburb. We can appraise the value of any properties you may be attempting to buy.

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