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JMAC Tips: Profit Is Made When Buying, Not Selling

It’s a lot easier to buy a property at below market price than it is sell a property at above market price. It’s also possible to identify properties that are likely to increase in value at a higher rate than the average.

JMAC knows how long a property has been on the market, or if  a property is in distress. Of course we aim to get the best possible property in the best possible position.

We can very accurately advise our clients the worth of a property. This is a must when the time comes to negotiate, it puts us and the client in a position of strength.

As we have suggested before you make money when you buy, as the client will never pay above market value. We at JMAC feel this gives the client peace of mind, we have bought at or below market value, we have also sourced the best location leading to higher capital gains in the years to come.

When it comes to auctions it stops emotions getting in the way of correct buying. One needs to put a ceiling on price. We will always have alternative properties to look at. The client must not get caught up in the moment which can lead to paying above the odds. Remember, money is made at a good purchase price.

It is important the client has an open mind when buying an investment property or a home to live in. The data we use is only available to agents, we pay for this information so you the client gets the best possible return on investment, this being future capital gains and for the investor good rental yields.

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