Families Swoop on ‘Green’ Brighton East Properties

Brighton East is peeking out from Brighton’s shadow and property prices are attractive. It has an emblematic colour – and it’s not blue but green.

Large swathes of parkland give it decidedly bucolic character and make it a magnet for families.

In the 19th century, it was the home of the market gardens and farms, and a whisper of that character remains.

Brighton public golf course and Dendy Park are two patches of green compensating for the lack of blue – the latter one of Victoria’s 10 biggest parks and outdoor recreation areas, complete with a large children’s adventure playground and sports pavilion that opened last year.

Into that mix, you can add Hurlingham Park and Landcox Park with its ornamental lake and inhabited bread snaffling ducks.

Brighton’s East leaves the attraction of the beach and some of Melbourne’s most illustrious real estate to Brighton. Brighton is very much its own beast and is related to Brighton East in name only.

Quiet streets are dominated by extravagant new builds and sleek multi townhouses intermingling with homes from the Victorian, Art deco and Edwardian eras with a smattering of post war examples.

The average home in Brighton East is $717,500 cheaper than across the border.

Brighton East has a clearance rate of 75%, a median price of $1.85 Million and median Unit price of $860,000

It is very close to the Hampton shopping centre and railway station. Hampton has a vibrant Café lifestyle and excellent restaurants. It has two private schools Haileybury College and St Leonards both being Co-ed.

You will also have access to Brighton College and Hampton Primary School.

If you have the budget it is a must for consideration.