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How to Sell your Property

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At the end of the day, there is more than one way to sell your property.

The majority give this honour to a real estate agent, one who markets themselves in a way. Some target high-end properties, sellers think they will get more for their property. Others are more for your say, “cream brick veneer”, and of course some pay high fees to be part of a group to give them credibility.

A vendor advocate is another way to sell a property. They will usually seek an agent on your behalf and take a cut of the commission. This takes the legwork out of sourcing an agent. This can be difficult if you have not dealt with agents. You avoid the pressure to “sign” when you are not sure you are making the right decision.

Real Estate agents all want your business. The most important decision you make is, “who is the best person to sell my property”.

What you are doing is paying an agent, so you get access to Real Estate.Com, and Domain. It is imperative that you use these sites as they account for ninety to one hundred per cent of all searches. You need these sites for all enquiries and to create competition. Without competition, you will not have a successful campaign. All agents have access, if the agent is professional, you should do well.

Real Estate agents will entice you to advertise in print media. This is often a waste of your money as most searches are tech-driven.

Traditional print media is good for the real estate agent as it gives the agent exposure by filling up pages in papers that few buyers read, or a brochure where your property is lost. It becomes very expensive and will not be reflected in a higher price for your property. Banner groups are expensive, an agent will market his group. Let real estate agents pay for their own marketing!

By law you can sell your own property, this is a third way. You do need access to the two portals I have mentioned above. Without these, you will not get your desired price. A vendor agent like JMAC has access to Real and Domain. We can do all the comparisons and give a very accurate figure of what you can expect. It will be less expensive, and we will do the negotiations behind the scenes to get your highest possible price. We turn it into a silent auction which makes for a high – end return.

As a vendor advocate, JMAC can steer you through the process so it is seamless.

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